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Easy Quinoa Tabbouleh

Tabbouleh aficionados should look away right now! I know what you’re thinking. How dare she use quinoa in place of bulger and call this tabbouleh?!  Yep, you got me.  This is neither an authentic Mediterranean, nor an authentic Middle Eastern, Tabbouleh (Tabouli) recipe.  Instead it’s an adapted version using quinoa, which is a whole grain, nutrient rich, and plant based complete-protein. Quinoa is available at most grocery stores, and is a great substitute because it compliments all the other ingredients in the salad to make a very hearty and delicious […]

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

If you’re a mom and reading this, I would like to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day!  Now, do me favor and stop reading this.  Do not even scroll down further.  Instead, forward this link to anyone in your household old enough to bake and tell them this is what you want for Mother’s Day. Dear Family Member, My name is Alice Currah, and I am a mom of two teenage daughters and one sweet eight year old son.  I am going to shed some light on what to get […]

Asian Zoodle Salad

A healthy, delicious, gluten-free Asian inspired salad featuring zoodles (zucchini spiralized as noodles). Continue

How to Decorate Rainbow Cupcakes

If you appreciate cutely decorated cupcakes then you will love these rainbow topped ones that require zero decorating skills and do not take much effort at all.  In fact, they are ridiculously easy to frost.  If you like to receive compliments, anyone who sets their eyes on these cupcakes will go out of their way to mention how cute they are. You can use either store-bought canned frosting or make a batch of homemade buttercream.  After tinting most of the frosting a shade of sky blue, the remaining frosting can […]

Mississippi Pot Roast

No one likes being stuck in a rut; especially when it comes to cooking. Many home cooks are familiar with cooking routine meals week after week. However, every once in a while you might find that a routine dish can be easily transformed into something completely new. My husband and I love pot roast, but our kids haven’t warmed up to it very much. They will eat it but I would be lying to you if I said they love it. They find traditional pot roast to be boring and […]

Miso Ginger Carrot Salad

Having lived in Seattle my whole life I’ve come to appreciate our erratic weather patterns day to day and week to week.  Although it’s officially spring time our skies have still been pretty dull.  The presence of soft pink colored cherry blossoms against a backdrop of grey skies seems almost cruel.  Everyone knows that when the sun is shining and the skies are a vibrant blue delicate and beautiful cherry blossoms really stand out in a glorious way. Yesterday was grey, wet, and hailing.  Today was sunny, warm, and gorgeous.  […]

Nectarine Tangerine Banana Smoothie

Are parents feeding their children smoothies that are masquerading as gloried fruit slushies?  Believe it or not, most smoothies purchased in fast-food restaurants, smoothie juice bars, espresso cafes are generally unhealthy.  Loaded with excess sugars, high-fructose corn syrup, and other preservatives many of these smoothies are made from a concentrated base only requiring ice before blending into a sweet fruity cold beverage.  Parents are deceived into thinking these drinks are healthy because they may contain a small percentage of actual fruit. Today I have a recipe for a real fruit […]

White Chocolate Coconut Cookies

When my son asked me if we could bake cookies I pretended not hear him as I lay in bed. “Mom, Mom… wake up! Can we make cookies, please?” Jetlagged from flying home from Asia, my physical body was present in Seattle but my internal sleep cycle was still somewhere over the Pacific Ocean. “Uh, okay. Maybe in a little bit after I wake up?” I tell him this in the most unenthusiastic way possible, hoping that maybe he would give me a pass for the day. “Sure, when should […]

Baked Pesto Salmon

Preparing family style meals is a simple way to serve dishes that are both practical and effortless, especially when cooking for parties, gatherings, or family dinners. One of my favorite dishes to serve this way is salmon. I take a whole half side of boneless salmon and bake it in the oven until it is just cooked through. This leaves it slightly flakey and very tender. Most of the time when I cook salmon, if I plan on grilling it, I fillet it into smaller individual portions. It is easier […]

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