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Classic Pumpkin Pie

There are two essential dishes people look most forward to on Thanksgiving Day. The beginning of the meal starts with a beautiful roasted turkey, and pumpkin pie certainly finishes it. One of my earliest memories of pumpkin pie was when I was around 6 or 7 years old. Every year my siblings and I would pack into our family station wagon and drive to visit my aunt and uncle. Auntie Willie always baked one of those commercially made pies found in the freezer section of grocery stores everywhere. Despite the […]

Bacon Apple Stuffins (Stuffing Muffins)

Thanksgiving is not Thanksgiving without the classic side-dishes we all know and love. Last week I shared with you a great make-ahead recipe for classic mashed potatoes. This week I’m sharing another familiar classic recipe with a clever twist. What do you call stuffing that’s been baked in a muffin tin? Stuffins, or course! As strange as it may sound, stuffins are a great way to serve this classic side-dish at your next Thanksgiving gathering. By scooping your favorite stuffing recipe (like the one I’m sharing today) into a greased […]

Classic Make-Ahead Mashed Potatoes

If you’re often the one hosting the big Thanksgiving feast then you know how challenging it is to cook several dishes in a limited amount of time using four stove-top burners and an oven. Add multiple people in the kitchen area who’ve prepped their dishes but need to warm them up before serving and you have a recipe for a stress-filled gathering. Today I have a great and easy recipe for using a slow-cooker to make mashed potatoes ahead of time. Not only does preparing this dish take up one […]

Slow-Cooker Hot Mulled Apple Cider

On most Halloween evenings our family enjoys a traditional gathering with several families for an early dinner of light appetizers, some hearty homemade chili, and an endless flow of hot mulled apple cider. These gatherings are hosted by our good friends Amy and Paul. There are usually about a dozen costumed kids running around the house grouped in 2s and 3s. At some point you will hear them planning their route around the popular trick-or-treating neighborhood to make sure they maximize the candy intake, giving special attention to the houses […]

Skeleton Vegetable Tray

With Halloween parties quickly approaching parents are searching for creative and clever ideas with foods, games, costumes, and decorations. You’ve come to the right place! From great craft ideas (found here) to ‘spooktacular’ foods, at PBS Parents we have you covered! Today I have a fun way to serve a healthy assortment of vegetables in the spirit of Halloween.   Arranged as a skeleton, this vegetable tray is a great way for kids (and grownups) to have a healthy food option during parties that are traditionally all treats. Vegetables can be […]

A Taste of History

Mummy Chocolate Covered Strawberries

I’m a HUGE fan of party foods people love to eat that do not require a lot of skill or effort to pull together. With Halloween weeks away I’m happy to share one of my favorite finger food desserts. This one is dressed up in its own mummified costume. Whenever I bring chocolate covered strawberries to a party they seem to disappear very quickly. In the spirit of dressing up in costume, today I have a recipe for Mummy Chocolate Covered Strawberries. Dipped in white chocolate coating, mini chocolate chip […]

Easy Pumpkin Spice French Toast

Pumpkin spice everything is in full swing everywhere. In fact, I just saw an advertisement for pumpkin spice dog biscuits. I could hardly believe it. People tend to fall into two camps when it comes to pumpkin flavored foods; they either love it or hate it. If you are in the ‘love it’ camp then read on. I’m excited to bring you an easy Pumpkin Spice French Toast recipe. This particular recipe strikes the right balance of pumpkin spice flavor without overwhelming the dish. The pumpkin flavor is subtle complimenting […]

Rice and Beans

There are very few foods I could eat every day and still be content. Rice and beans are great separately but when they are combined they are a force to be reckoned with like peanut butter and jelly, melted sharp cheddar cheese sandwiched between buttery pieces of grilled bread, or warm apple pie topped with scoop of vanilla ice cream. Rice and beans is a staple dish in many cultures around the world. They are not only inexpensive they are also rich in nutrients. However, when I make rice and […]

Seasoned Tofu Nuggets

People are always asking me how to get their picky eaters to eat more voraciously.   The only advice I can offer comes from my own experience with my own finicky kids. Aside from offering them certain foods over and over again with the hope they will suddenly discover they actually like it (which occasionally does happen with patience and persistence), I will often employ other tactics like telling them kind-of truths to get them to try a new food. For instance, only one of my three kids like tofu. Since […]

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