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Thanksgiving Wine Pairings

With all the focus on the big meal, which wines should you serve with Thanksgiving dinner? Original Fare showcases some good ol’ American wines to pair with your farmer’s market stuffing. Continue

Duck Hunting in Northern California

Could you hunt for your own dinner? Kelly goes duck hunting in Northern California to see if she can overcome her fear of guns. Continue

Cattle Harvest in Paso Robles

Original Fare goes on a cattle harvest to discover why “grassfed” is misleading. They taste real meat raised without commercial antibiotics. Continue

Grape Harvesting in Paso Robles

We all know wine starts on a vine and ends up in a bottle. But what happens in between? Kelly goes grape harvesting on a Fall California night to find out. Continue

Central Coast Steak Frites

Where can you forage through town to cook the most local, sustainable steak frites? In Central Coast, California of course! Continue

How to PDX

Want to get a true foodie experience in the PDX? From hard candy to craft beers to tea, Kelly explores those mad scientists we call artisans in Portland. Continue

How Weather Impacts Wine

Want to choose the perfect bottle? Was it hot or cold when the grapes were grown? You’ll be surprised to learn how important the growing season weather is when picking a vintage and food pairing. Continue

Brunch on a Budget in Portland

Looking for a spicy brunch on a budget that will impress your guests? Its easier than you think. Learn how to navigate any supermarket with the ax-wielding chef Jason French of Ned Ludd, Portland. He’s making a $20 brunch that can easily serve 20 people. Continue

Texas Hill Country Wine

Something big is happening in Texas. They are making good wine! Discover the tasting notes of some tasty Italian wines including Aglianico and Vermentino. Continue

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