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Speakeasies, Sofas, and the History of Finger Foods

Where did finger food come from anyway? Before you serve some mini-snacks at your next gathering, find out where it all started. Continue

Discover the History of Chicken and Waffles

Did you know fried, savory chicken was first combined with sweet, fluffy waffles was the 1600s? It has tasted great ever since. Continue

Discover the History of the Sandwich

You know you have a favorite one, but where did sandwiches originate? The Earl of Sandwich doesn’t get all the credit… Continue

Eating and Drinking With Charles Dickens

The beloved English author wrote about food so vividly because he grew up so simply, and felt compassion for those less fortunate. Continue

History of Cereal

What’s for Breakfast? Discover the History of Cereal

Find out where your food came from the next time you sit down to a big bowl. How did the Kellogg families and others change the industry. Continue

Pumpkin Pudding recipe

Thanksgiving, Lincoln and Pumpkin Pudding

Despite earlier origins, Thanksgiving took its modern shape during Abraham Lincoln’s presidency. Try a pudding recipe his wife enjoyed. Continue

Cary Grant’s Oven-Barbecued Chicken

Did you know the famed actor had a passion for chicken? Tori Avey shares his recipe and potentially the dish’s inspiration. Continue

Devil's Food Cupcakes recipe

Halloween: A Foodie History

Learn the spooky history behind your favorite Halloween snacks and foods and get a recipe for devil’s food cupcakes. Continue

Emily Dickinson: A Poet in the Kitchen

Emily Dickinson was a great American poet, but did you know she was also an accomplished cook? Try one of her recipes and learn more. Continue

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