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George Ray

George Ray
KCTS 9 anchor George Ray's more than 50-year career in television has taken him from stations in Peoria, Illinois, where he covered school integration; to San Bernardino, California, where he helped launch the state’s first UHF TV station; and to Seattle, first as sports director for KOMO-TV, then as the public face of KCTS 9 for nearly 35 years. Through his love for public television and uncanny ability to connect with an audience, George has helped raise tens of millions of dollars to support public broadcasting on KCTS 9, including funds that moved the station from the University of Washington campus to its current building at Seattle Center. "Few people have played as large a role in building support for public television as George has," says KCTS 9 President and CEO Maurice "Moss" Bresnahan. "

George has hosted KCTS 9 Cooks since the first show in 1996.

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