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Best Way to Truss a Chicken



A perfectly roasted chicken is the key to weeknight dinner glory: crispy skin, juicy meat, a beautiful golden-brown color.

While roasting chicken is simple in theory, pitfalls do arise. Sections of the skin get soggy and fail to brown, for instance. The breasts often cook faster than the legs, so that by the time the dark meat is cooked through, the white stuff’s all dry.

We don’t want this to happen to you, which is why we’re sharing this new approach to trussing your bird. As you may know, “trussing” a chicken means tying it with butcher’s twine. Cooks have done this for years to make the bird easier to handle and to help it cook better.


But, as we’ll show you, the traditional technique for trussing isn’t necessarily the best way. Give this new technique a go tonight, and we reckon you’ll wind up pretty dang pleased at the way dinner turns out. (PSST: It works for turkey, too!)


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