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Leftover Turkey Pho



Picture this: You’ve just spent the last 24 hours cooking, eating, and sleeping. You’re exhausted and your stomach hurts. Your fridge is filled to the brim with pie and other delights, and dinner rolls and biscuits are everywhere. It’s the day after Thanksgiving, and your tryptophan hangover is in full force. It was a holiday after all—you were allowed to indulge!

You could go for the ceremonial leftovers sammie, crusty bread piled high with everything and slathered in gravy. But let’s be honest: after a full day of overeating, don’t you just want something light and refreshing? Better yet, something that showcases the outstanding turkey you spent hours cooking?

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Author, culinary instructor, and friend of ChefSteps Andrea Nguyen’s got you covered with this recipe for (leftover-) turkey pho. Traditionally served for breakfast at Vietnamese market stalls, pho is the perfect post-holiday meal. It’s light and refreshing even when made with hearty meats, and with sweet-and-savory broth, long, slurptastic noodles, and fresh herbs, this is one bowl of comfort food that won’t put you down for the count.”


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