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Perfect Roasted Vegetables



The secret to consistently sensational veggies lies in five simple steps.

First, sort your vegetables by how long they take to cook, then prep them for even cooking and to maximize surface area to develop caramelization. Arrange on a tray lined with parchment paper, oil and season them, and cook according to their grouping. From there, it’s just a matter of finishing your vegetables with a little more seasoning and oil and serving them up to your grateful guests. They make an amazing accompaniment to any roast or golden-brown bird and can even stand on their own as a light meal—especially if you top ’em with a fried or poached egg and serve them with a side of umami-rich mayo for dipping.


Why learn an easy-to-recall mental model like this? It not only simplifies the process and imbues you with confidence in the kitchen but also helps cut down on food waste—you’ll never need to wonder what to do with that crisper full of cauliflower or that CSA box bursting with sunchokes. So go forth and get roasty. Perfectly cooked plant food is well within your purview.


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