Ten Essential Thanksgiving Planning Tips

Ten Essential Thanksgiving Planning Tips


Tip #10: Carve the turkey, pour the wine, and enjoy. Happy Thanksgiving!

Wine Glasses
Relax, sip some wine, and celebrate with friends and family.
Now that the turkey is carved, how does the entire meal arrive at the table at the same time? Again, a little advance planning can be very helpful. If you have a double oven, reserve one oven for the turkey. The remaining oven is for casseroles, side dishes, and rolls. Decide ahead of time which baking containers you will need and make sure they all fit in the oven at the same time. If not, you may need to adjust your menu or the containers to accommodate the oven space you have available. If your kitchen has a single oven, adjust your recipe selection to dishes that may be prepared on top of the stove, or that can be slipped into the oven during the final 30 minutes while the turkey is resting on the counter before carving. Then call your guests. Dinner is ready!     Thanksgiving 2011

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and be sure to check out other Thanksgiving content from PBS at the “Ultimate Thanksgiving Guide.”

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