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Where Is the Best Ice Cream in Arkansas?

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During the warm Summer months, everyone has frozen treats on their minds, but where can you get the very best ice cream? We asked PBS fans to nominate their favorite spots, and here are the votes for the best ice cream in Arkansas.

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    Andy’s Frozen Custard

    Multiple Locations Also in Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas

    Multiple Locations

    Braum’s Real Ice Cream

    Multiple Locations Also in Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas


    Freddo’s Frozen Treats

    407 North Arkansas Avenue, Suite 5B

    Little Rock

    Loblolly Creamery

    1423 Main Street

    Hot Springs

    Nom Nom’s Mexican Grill-N-Chill

    3371 Central Ave.

    Little Rock

    The Green Corner Store

    1423 Main Street, Suite D

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