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The Year in Food 2012: Cooking Apps

The Food Lover’s Guide to Paris

Source: The Food Lover’s Guide to Paris

Its been nearly 30 years since Patricia Wells published her indispensible Food Lover’s Guide to Paris. The book is now in its 4th Edition, and last year it was updated again and released as an app. Whether you are touring Paris or just dreaming of a vacation, this app is far more practical and efficient than the rather-thick book.

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KitchenPad Timer

Source: KitchenPad Timer

Keeping track of all your cook times and temperatures can be a challenge when cooking for a large meal or dinner party. This inventive app, KitchenPad Timer, provides you with a visual representation of what’s cooking at the time, the temperature, and how long until its ready. We like the interface better than setting mutliple alarms on your phone or tablet.

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Evernote Food

Source: Evernote Food

We are big Evernote fans for note-taking, so it was no surprise that we loved this food derivative. The app lets you catalog every meal you eat — whether at home or at a restaurant. You can add photos, give ratings, add locations and share the experience on social media. Best of all, everything is automatically synced to your Evernote account, making it accessible from any Evernote app on any device.

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Baking with Dorie

Source: Baking with Dorie

Dorie Greenspan is one of our favorite cookbook authors — this year she released an app version of Baking With Dorie. The app is more like a cooking class than a digital cookbook, however. In addition to accessing Dorie’s recipes in a traditional format, you can also get step-by-step video instructions, watch the video like a cooking show, or skip around to only the steps you need help with.

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Martha Stewart Makes Cookies

Source: Martha Stewart Makes Cookies

Martha Stewart joined the PBS Food family this Fall with her new Martha Stewart’s Cooking School show. We were also excited to see her holiday cookie app released. Browse cookies using a very visual format, choose your category (cookies are grouped in categories like classic, chocolate, and kid-friendly) and then pick the cookie that stands out to you. We warn you though, it can be hard to actually pick just one cookie to make.

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WineSpectator Wine Ratings+

Source: WineSpectator Wine Ratings+

Who hasn’t been caught standing in a wine store, either guessing at which wines are good or trying to remember which bottles had gotten a good review? Well now, you can just use this incredibly helpful app from WineSpectator to not only give you a score, but let you find wines that fit the style you enjoy.

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Source: Foodily

Foodily has developed into the largest food-related social network, so their app is a must-download. Its free, and offers a number of ways to search, save and sort your favorite recipes.

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Source: Instagram

Instagram wasn’t built specifically for food, but as anyone who uses it knows, about every other photo is taken of a food or drink. We hope it continues, we love seeing the way our fans create PBS recipes and share them with their friends.

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Source: AnyList

Anylist is the best grocery list app, bar none. The app automatically bundles items into the proper categories, but also allows you to create special categories to fit the layout of your grocery store. Our favorite feature is the ability to share your list with a spouse or roommate, making it easy to jointly add items throughout the week.

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How to Cook Everything

Source: How to Cook Everything

An absolute necessary app for any beginner cook, Mark Bittman‘s app is an extension of his book of the same name (which we also recommend.) Loaded with features specifically designed for an app (set timers from within a recipe!), the app is well worth its $4.99 pricetag.

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