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The Year in Food 2012: Food Podcasts

The Splendid Table

Source: The Splendid Table

Lynn Rosetto Kasper’s weekly radio program is always good for the soul. The show features a mix of celebrity chefs, bloggers and other food industry professionals and always hits the marks.

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Go Fork Yourself

Source: Go Fork Yourself

Andrew Zimmern, host of Bizarre Foods, stars in this podcast with his friend from Minneapolis, Molly Mogren. The podcast is a wonderful mix of humor, irreverence and teaching.

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The Sporkful

Source: The Sporkful

Dan Pashman hosts this podcast (and the accompanying blog) that deals with all aspects of food. There is no discussion too minute or specific for Dan. Case in point, we now have a much better understanding of the proper butter-to-short stack application.

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Culinary Institute of America

Source: Culinary Institute of America

The CIA podcasts provide a fascinating look at what its like to attend the "world’s premier culinary college." From profiles of the current students and their activities, to interviews with alumni like Cat Cora and John Besh, this podcast has made us consider quitting our jobs to enroll on a couple of occasions. (And also making us very happy where we are on other occasions.)

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Earth Eats

Source: Earth Eats

Earth Eats is a weekly show produced by Indiana Public Media that is the leading source of information on the local food movement and sustainable agriculture. The show casts the perfect balance of news, interviews, recipes and cooking tips.

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Last Chance Foods

Source: Last Chance Foods

Last Chance Foods is produced by WNYC. The show covers produce that’s about to go out of season, gives you a heads up on what’s still available at the farmers market and tells you how to keep it fresh through the winter.

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Good Food (KCRW)

Source: Good Food (KCRW)

We’re fans of host Evan Kleinman’s weekly food show, Good Food, which is produced by KCRW. The show has aired on radio since 1997, and thanks to the podcast everyone can enjoy it.

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Spilled MIlk

Source: Spilled MIlk

Spilled Milk is a combination effort, headlined by popular food blogger Molly Wizenberg (Orangette) and food author Matthew Amster-Burton. We love the back-and-forth between Molly and Matthew, and the nice mix of serious food discussion and light humor. Because after all, while food is important, it is also fun.

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The Food Seen

Source: The Food Seen

The Food Seen, hosted by Michael Harlan Turkell, gives an inside look at the inner working of restuarant kitchens and the lives of chefs, as well as a look at other food professionals.

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Mike & Tom Eat Snacks

Source: Mike & Tom Eat Snacks

Comedians Michael Ian Black and Tom Cavanaugh eat snack food and then discuss it with hilarious depth. What else could you ask for from a podcast?

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