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The Year in Food 2012: Infographics

12 Facts About Julia Child on Her 100th Birthday

PBS and the food world joined together to celebrate the life and legacy of Julia Child last August for what would have been her 100th birthday. As part of the celebration, we compiled a dozen of our favorite Julia Child facts and created this infographic. What a wonderful chef and lady she was!

Source: PBS Food

Facts About Beer and Colorado

Colorado has a rich tradition of brewing beer. This infographic highlights the best of Colorado, including the Great American Beer Festival, a trip that any beer lover should have on his or her bucket list.

Source: Spork Marketing

How Home Cooks Fire Up for Grilling Season

We loved this grilling infographic from It will have you dreaming of Summer BBQs and pool-side grills.


How America Spends Food & Drink Spending By City

This fabulous infographic sheds light on how average Americans in cities across the country spend money on food and drink. We were stunned to see that one Austinite spends as much on food and drink each year as five Detroit households. Where does your home city fall?


Kitchen Cheat Sheet

Most infographics share fun and easily digestable (no pun intended) facts. This inforgraphic is worth of being printed and hung in a kitchen. From conversions to cooking times to freezer storage times, this infographic can answer almost any basic question you might ask in kitchen outside of "What’s for dinner?"

Source: Shell Shock UK

Top Wines of 2012

Wine Enthusiast compiled this inforgraphic about the best wines of 2012. We werepleased to see that 30 of the 100 choices were from U.S. wineries, most of any country.

Source: Wine Enthusiast

The Multiple Personalities of Coffee

What kind of coffee drinker are you? We can’t argue with any of these profiles, though we would suggest adding a "New Parent" category for those blurry-eyed new moms (and dads.)

Source: Loku

15 Udderly Bizarre Facts About Milk

Winder Farms compiled this look at some unusual milke trivia Our favorite: You better not be lactose intolerant in Utah — its actually illegal NOT to drink milk.


America’s Favorite Bacon Dishes

The internet loves bacon. But which bacon dishes does the internet love the most? GiftRocket analyzed the social media ratings of bacon dishes across the country to find out. Looks like a road trip to Philadelphia is on the horizon.


July 4th Showdown: Hamburgers vs. Hot Dogs

A true battle royale! Picking between hot dogs and hamburgers on the 4th of July is like picking between children. We have room in our hearts for both.

Source: Seamless

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