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The Year in Food 2012: Viral Videos

Keep On Cooking: The Julia Child Digital Remix



The third installment of the PBS Digital Studios remix series, Keep on Cooking was released in concert with what would have been Julia Child’s 100th birthday. We can’t think of a more fitting tribute to Julia’s love of cooking, her enormous personality and her impact on the entire food industry.

The Mind of a Chef’s Kimchi Party



Our favorite moment from The Mind of a Chef, featuring Momofuku chef David Chang, was this quirky Kimchi Party scene.

Sweet Child of Mine



I bet you never thought you’d see Julia Child mashed up with Guns N’ Roses. But another highlight of the Julia Child #CookForJulia celebration was this video created by WGBH in Boston. The video features a fun mix of clips and rare Julia footage set to the melodic sounds of "Sweet Child O’ Mine."

I Told My Kid I Ate All Their Halloween Candy Again



In what has become something of a tradition, late night host Jimmy Kimmel collected videos of parents pranking their kids by telling them that their Halloween candy was eaten. Hilarious reactions ensue.

Share it Maybe



At least until we all found our Gangnam Style, 2012 was the year of "Call Me, Maybe." While there were no end of remixes and spoofs, our favorite featured America’s most beloved cookie lover. This song was played on repeat for days in the PBS offices.

Dog Steals Cabbage



Dogs have a well-earned reputation for obsessively attempting to steal food. Yet, for most dogs, raw leafy vegetables are not high on the wishlist. Not so, in this case.

World’s Best Bartender



This video originates from a reality show from the Ukraine. With nearly 13 million views, this was one of the most popular clips of the year. We do not recommend trying this at home, unless you are Tom Cruise.

Hipster Thanksgiving



The Harvard Sailing Team is one of our favorite sketch comedy troupes on Youtube. This year, they celebrated Thanksgiving with a hilarious look at a hipster holiday gathering.

Five Guys Burgers and Fries Review



With more than 11 million views of this video and the resulting remix song, Five Guys couldn’t have paid for a better promotion. And reviewer Daym Drops has become an e-celebrity. Who doesn’t want a burger after watching this?

Microwaves Ruin Everything



Unlike the Five Guys review, this is an actual ad for Moe’s Southwest Grill. While the ad is designed to promote Moe’s use of fresh food, we just love to watch things explode at home. DEFINITELY DO NOT TRY THIS ONE AT HOME.

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