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Ten Food Blogs You Should Be Reading, But Might Not Know About

Its hard to believe, but it seems that food blogs are getting even more popular each year. We see a lot of them here at PBS Food, so we wanted to share some of the best blogs you may not have discovered yet. Don’t see your favorite? Check our 2012 and 2011 lists and let us know in the comments.

Kitchen Confidante

Source: Kitchen Confidante

Kitchen Confidante is authored by Liren Baker, mother of two based in the Bay Area. Her blog focuses on the recipes and food stories centered around her family and friends and the importance food plays in them. She also explores the wonderful artisan food scene that the Bay Area offers.

Visit the blog.

Baking Bites

Source: Baking Bites

Nicole Weston, a Los Angeles-based pastry chef, food writer and recipe developer, is the creator of Baking Bites. We love that in addition to her great recipes and photos, the site features “How To’s and Tips” and “Tools and Gadgets” sections. Too many food blogs offer just a recipe, Baking Bites helps you learn how to bake and give you extra confidence in the kitchen.

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For the Love of the South

Source: For the Love of the South

2013 has been a great year for Southern cooking — from John Besh to Sean Brock to A Chef’s Life. For the Love of the South is one of our favorite blogs about Southern food. Written by Amber Wilson, the site presents simple recipes and beautiful photos that truly capture the essence of the best ingredients that Southern cooking offers.

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She’s Got Flavor

Source: She’s Got Flavor

Utokia Langley authors She’s Got Flavor, which provides a wide range of delicious dishes that are designed to satisfy any family. While many food blogs present recipes that seem unattainable to a busy family, we always feel She’s Got Flavor offers real dishes that can inspire event the busiest families to cook real meals.

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Green Kitchen Stories

Source: Green Kitchen Stories

Green Kitchen Stories is a gorgeous blog written by David Grenkiel and Luise Vinduhl. The blog offers some of the most interesting and exciting vegetarian recipes we’ve seen. While vegetarians would obviously love the site, we highly reommend the site to anyone who wants to add more plant-based meals in to their diet. Or quite frankly, anyone who just wants to drool over beautiful food images.

Visit the blog.

Joe Pastry

Source: Joe Pastry

Unlike many food blogs, the focus of Joe Pastry is not photography. Instead, the site focuses on baking techniques, food history, science and nutrition. If you are a “baking nerd” like Joe, you’ll be able to spend hours pouring through his library of posts.

Visit the blog.

What Katie Ate

Source: What Katie Ate

Katie Quinn Davies is the author of the blog (and now a book) What Katie Ate. Based in Sydney, Australia, she posts interesting recipes accompanied by beautiful photos. But what really sets this blog apart are the images she shares from her travels across Europe and the world. Good luck resisting checking on airfare after perusing Katie’s photos from the Italian Amalfi Coast.

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The Forest Feast

Source: The Forest Feast

Erin Gleeson was a professional food photographer in New York for many years, working with top chefs, restaurants and publications. But in 2011, she moved with her husband to a cabin in the woods in Northern California. Her blog celebrates cooking healthy and locally-sources recipes that will inspire you to learn how to eat more sustainably. And, as you would expect, her photos are spectacular.

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The Roaming Kitchen

Source: The Roaming Kitchen

The Roaming Kitchen is written by Cristina Sciarra, a writer and cook in New York. She combines her kitchen skills (she studied at Le Cordon Bleu and the Institute of Culinary Education) and writing talent (MFA in Fiction Writing) to post recipes, essays and photos. Her words are as delicious as her photos — so beware, reading one post might turn into a full afternoon before you know it.

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How Sweet It Is

Source: How Sweet It Is

Jessica Hunt is a the author of How Sweet it Is, though the blog offers a wide range of recipes, not just sweets. We enjoy Jessica’s blog because her passion for cooking always shine through in her posts. She’s also a huge James Taylor fan (hence, the blog name) which we can totally stand behind.

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