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Ten Foodies on Instagram You Should be Following

Instagram was the hottest social network in 2013 and if there’s one thing it did well, its food photos. From professional photographers to food bloggers to everyday restaurant goers, Instagram was full of pictures of food. Here are ten people you should be following if you love food as much as we do.

Adrianna Adarme

Adrianna authors the blog, A Cozy Kitchen, and is a contributor to the Fresh Tastes blog. She posts beautiful images from her kitchen from cocktails to pancakes to flowers. But our favorite are her Peruvian tradional dishes.

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Alice Gao

Alice Gao is a New York lifestyle photographer whose work has been featured in magazines and commercial work. She posts a wide range of photos from food to fashion to everyday scenes from her travels.

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Aran Goyoaga

Aran is a food blogger, photographer and cookbook author. We have long enjoyed her beautiful blog, and her Instagram account is no different.

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Daniel Krieger

Daniel Krieger is a professional photographer in New York. His food photography is spectacular, but we also love the way he captures the essence of Brooklyn. And his Instagram is shot only on his iPhone, keeping it true to the medium.

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Marcus Nilsson

Marcus is one of the most accomplished food photographers in the industry. His photos have appeared in almost every major food publication. On Instagram, he shares the highlights of his travels.

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Angela Davis

We are huge fans of Angela Davis’ blog The Kitchenista Diaries for the way she has produced injected healthy twists to traditional soul food and creole dishes. Her Instagram is full of these dishes. But we warn you: Don’t look through her photos on an empty stomach!

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April Bloomfield

April Bloomfield is the head chef at The Spotted Pig and the star of the second season of PBS’ Mind of a Chef. Her Instagram provides fascinating insight into the mind and life of one of the brilliant minds in food.

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Dorie Greenspan

Dorie Greenspan is one of the most accomplished and respected cookbook authors in the world. Her Instagram is full of fun moments, from hanging out with chefs to scenese of the French countryside.

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Alex Grossman

Alex Grossman is the creative director at Bon Appetit magazine. His Instagram provides a fun glimpse at all the amazing food that gets made for the magazine.

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Nicole Franzen

Nicole is one of our favorite photographers and bloggers. We love the mood and feelings that always seem to be conveyed through the scenes she presents.

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