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Ten Tumblrs Worth Reblogging in 2013

Tumblr has become home to some of the most fun and interesting food content on the Web. From decadent desserts to food essays to irreverent GIFs, there was a lot of food being reblogged in 2013. Check out our list of the best Tumblrs to follow. And let us know what we missed in the comments.

The Cake Bar

Source: The Cake Bar

There are tons of Tumblrs that serve primarily to collect the best food posts online. Nobody does it more beautifully or thoroughly than The Cake Bar. Each post contains gorgeous images and a link to the recipes and instructions. The Tumblr also features a comprehensive list of tagged entries that will keep you surfing and reblogging for hours.

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The Way We Ate

Source: The Way We Ate

Have you ever wistfully thought back to the magazines and recipes of your childhood? Run by New York photographers, Noah Fecks and Paul Wagtouicz, this blog dives into old issues of Gourmet magazine. Each week, the duo posts 2-5 recipes from a single issue of the magazine. As a bonus, you get to see many of the retro advertisements from the edition.

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Source: Cereal

We are big fans of Cereal Magazine, a travel and food magazine, and we love their Tumblr. Simply laid out, it features the best photos from each edition of the magazine. Our favorite are the raw food photos, but you’ll also be blown away by their perspective on travel.

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Anthony Bourdain’s Blog

Source: Anthony Bourdain’s Blog

Most of us are familiar with Anthony Bourdain the TV Star, but we also love Anthony Bourdain the Writer. His Tumblr has become his personal outlet — from ranting about his employer to sharing additional perspective on the various cities he visits to glimpses of his family vacation, you’ll love getting a better understanding of one of the most talented and interesting food celebrities.

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PBS Food

Source: PBS Food

Well, we couldn’t leave our own Tumblr off this list, could we? In addition to getting extra photos from all of our PBS Food articles and recipes, you can also find special GIFs, PBS Digital Stuidios food content and our favorite food posts from across Tumblr.

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Source: Food52

Food52 is one of the best food sites on the Web, but we also love their Tumblr blog. It provides the same perspective on food, only with the exact amount of snark, reblogging and GIFs you’d expect from a good Tumblr.

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Food. Curated.

Source: Food. Curated.

Food. Curated. is an online documentary series highlighting interesting stories about all of the people doing great things with food. Run by Liza de Guia, the Tumblr blog serves as a scrapbook of sorts, giving you a more personal look at the Liza’s life in food.

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Franck Hamel

Source: Franck Hamel

Franck Hamel is one of the world’s best food photographers. You can get a glimse of his best shots on this Tumblr blog.

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Lucky Peach

Source: Lucky Peach

Lucky Peach is a quarterly journal chronicaling the intersection of food, writing, photography and art. While the magazine is not available in full online, you can get excerpts, artwork and behind-the-scenes tidbits from each issue on this Tumblr. A must-read for a foodie.

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Food GIFs

Source: Food GIFs

GIFs are at the heart of of Tumblr. From Ryan Gosling memes to Downton Abbey to cartoons, GIFs are everywhere on Tumblr. We’re partial to the food-related GIFs of course, and no one does a better job of finding all the dripping syrup, sizzling bacon and chocolate cupcakes.

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