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Ten Food Videos That Went Viral in 2013

From Cookie Monster with Loki to Jamie Oliver with Epic Meal Time to spinach in space, it was a fun year for viral videos in food. Check out our list. What did we miss? Tell us in the comments.

Tom Hiddleson and Cookie Monster

Source: PBS

Cookie Monster learns a valuable lesson from his new friend, actor Tom Hiddleston.

Chipotle: The Scarecrow

Source: Chipotle

“The Scarecrow” is the companion film for Chipotle’s app-based game. It is one of the few commercials that Chipotle has ever produced and features Grammy winner Fiona Apple.

John Stewart’s Pizza Rant

Source: Comedy Central

Jon Stewart took on Chicago-style deep dish pizza in this epic rant from The Daily Show. He called a truce the next evening after a visit from Chicago pizza maker Marc Malnati.

Ice Cream Meltdown

Source: Shanks FX

With Summer just around the corner, Youtuber Shanks FX paid homage to ice cream with some amazing (and delicious) melting visuals.

Jamie Oliver on Epic Meal Time

Source: Epic Meal Time

Celebrity chef and healthy eating advocate Jamie Oliver was probably the last person you’d ever expect to show up on Epic Meal Time. But there he was, getting kidnapped. We aren’t really sure what happened after that, but a lot of people watched.

How to Make a Lego Cake

Source: Rosanna Pansino

Rosanna Pansino is a noted YouTube star that meshes the lines of video games and food. Her most popular series is called Nerdy Nummies, and features baked goods resembling “nerdy” icons. This particular Lego episode has nearly 4 million views.

How Much Food Can You Buy for $5 Around the World

Source: Buzzfeed Food

Buzzfeed showed us how much coffee, meat, beer, McDonald’s, and more you can buy for $5 in countries around the world. You might be surprised.

How To Scramble Eggs Inside Their Shell

Source: NightHawkinLight

Nearly 8 million people and counting have watched this tutorial about how to properly scramble eggs inside their shells.

Ten Things We Love About Italy

10 Things We Love About Italy from The Perennial Plate on Vimeo.

Source: The Perennial Plate

There are a million things to love about eating in Italy, so we commend The Perennial Plate on their restraint. Warning, you may find yourself searching airfare to Rome after watching this video.

How To Cook Spinach in Space

Source: VideoFromSpace

Canadian astronaut and ISS Commander Chris Hadfield shows how vacuum sealed dehydrated spinach is prepared to eat aboard the International Space Station. Let’s just say eating in zero gravity looks pretty fun.

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