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Family Ingredients: Episode Descriptions

Emmy nominated series, Family Ingredients, continues celebrating Hawai’i’s diversity through food and untold stories. Host/Chef Ed Kenney explores food memories and family tales that take us around the world and open up stories of the human experience one recipe at a time.


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  • Promo 201 Episode 1: California – Smoked Fish North Shore’s Jack Johnson, singer-songwriter, surfer and ocean activist, reveals the influence his father had on him and shares those memories on a road trip along the California coast. Enjoy the music, smoked fish and tales about early surfer migration to Hawai’i. Continue
  • FAMI202 - Promo photo Episode 2: Philippines – Adob 2017 Bravo Top Chef’s Fan Favorite Sheldon Simeon finds it easy to shine the light on traditional Filipino dishes – but it takes a first ever trip to the Philippines to rock his culinary senses. Born and raised in the small town of Hilo, Hawai’i, Sheldon credits his dad for his love of the Filipino cuisine. Join Family Ingredients in an episode that shares everything about family, food and fun. Continue
  • FAMI203 - Photo promo Episode 3: Wisconsin – Fiddlehead Fern Kaua’i farmer Valerie Kaneshiro, a mixture of Japanese and Native American, was raised on the Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe reservation in Wisconsin, her mom’s ancestral home. Forced to leave her home at 15, disconnected from her Indian roots she so loved, Valerie tells a story of loss and rediscovery and all the lessons learned while sharing an ingredient to a cultural dish found in Wisconsin and Hawai’i. Continue
  • FAMI204 - Promo photo Episode 4: Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City – Pho In this two-part episode we follow popular Hawai’i Chef Andrew Le to Ho Chi Minh City not just to taste original Pho the national dish of Vietnam, but also to connect to his family roots. It is a return to the city that his parents fled in 1975, barely escaping the fall of Saigon. Continue
  • FAMI205 - Promo photo Episode 5: Vietnam, Hanoi – Pho We continue our journey in Vietnam, with Chefs Ed Kenney and Andrew Le. In Hanoi we learn about the origins of pho, visit an ancient village, and find out about a near tragedy that brought the Le family closer together and jump started Andrew’s culinary career. Continue
  • FAMI206 - Promo photo Episode 6: Lana’i – Venison Hawaiian hula dancer, cultural practitioner, and sustainable hunter Anela Marie Kawehikulaonalani Evans shares the love and respect she has for her island home. Join Family Ingredients as we follow Anela from the hunting grounds of Lana’i Island to the largest hula competition in the world, the Merrie Monarch Festival. Continue


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  • Hawaii Po Episode 1: Hawai’i – Poi In this first episode host Ed Kenney connects us to the food that made the biggest impact on his life – poi, also known as taro. The 14th most cultivated crop on earth, taro is eaten around the world, but only Hawaiians make poi. Join Ed on his personal journey tracing a food that has kept his family together. Continue
  • fami-okinawa-sokisoba-600x337 Episode 2: Okinawa – Soki Soba If you have eaten ramen (noodles) in the United States, chances are those noodles are from Hidehito Uki’s family business called Sun Noodle. In this episode daughter Hisae Uki travels to her ancestral home of Okinawa with Ed Kenney. Together they taste the soup Okinawa calls their own. Continue
  • fami-tahiti-poissoncru-600x338 Episode 3: Tahiti – Poisson Cru In this episode Chef Ed travels to Tahiti to meet up with a young man sailing the globe on a double-hulled canoe. Maui Tauotaha comes from a long line of canoe carvers and Ed joins him at his ancestral village to follow his favorite food memory – poisson cru, or raw fish, the quintessential Tahitian dish! Continue
  • fami-california-pipkaula-600x338 Episode 4: California – Pipi Kaula Ed’s guest in this episode is Hawaiian musician Kuana Torres Kahele who prepares a simple dish with a rich history. In Hawaiian it is called pipi kaula, which translates in English to roped meat and is cooked under the sun in a dry box – a favorite dish in Hawaiʻi! Continue
  • fami-japan-misosoup-600x338 Episode 5: Japan – Miso Soup A “chefs” episode, highly acclaimed Chef Alan Wong of Honolulu takes Chef Ed Kenney of Kaimuki on an unforgettable adventure of his ancestral home, Japan. The premise of Family Ingredients is to follow a memory dish and Alan chooses miso soup, which leads them to interesting places and fascinating people. A culinary delight from farm to table. Continue
  • fami-puerto-600x338 Episode 6: Puerto Rico – Arroz con Gandules Born and raised in a musical family of five talented brothers and sisters, Tiara Hernandez’s family can trace their roots to both the Philippines and Puerto Rico. In this episode she describes how Gandule Rice was the comfort dish she grew up with and loved. Host Ed Kenney travels with Tiara to Puerto Rico to uncover the origin of this dish. We see it prepared many times and in many ways but it is the shared meal with her sisters and brother that makes this experience whole. Continue


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