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Episode 3: We Are What We Eat

Premiered Wednesday, May 31, 10-11 p.m. on PBS (Check local listings)

In this episode, “We Are What We Eat,” Michael and James explore how the chemicals in our food feed and build our bodies. The world is full of different cuisines and thousands of different meals. Yet when they’re reduced to their essence, there are actually just a handful of ingredients that our bodies absolutely need from our food to survive. These essential molecules come in a series of familiar sounding groups – carbohydrates, fat, protein, vitamins and minerals – but Michael and James discover plenty of surprises as they seek to understand exactly why each class of molecule is so important for the way our bodies work.


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The Food That Powers Half The Planet: James Wong demonstrates how cooking rice releases the carbs within. Rice is the staple food in much of the East and for good reason – it is packed full of energy in the form of carbs, carbs that can only be unlocked by cooking the rice correctly.


Kneading Bread For The Perfect Rise: Michael Mosley demonstrates what kneading does to bread dough. The mechanical action of kneading triggers an incredible chemical reaction in the dough, which produces gluten. This sticky gluten is vital to capture naturally produced gases in the bread necessary for a good rise.


Huitlacoche and Corn: The Complete Protein: James Wong is in Mexico in search of a remarkable source of protein, a bizarre local delicacy known as huitlacoche. Combined with corn it provides a complete meat free protein meal.


A Mushroom Vitamin D Boost: James Wong is in Bulgaria to reveal how mushrooms can be a wonderful source of vitamin D. The trick is to let the mushrooms sunbathe before cooking as the sunlight naturally boosts their vitamin D levels.


Recipes to Enjoy with the Show

In this episode, “We Are What We Eat,” Michael and James explore how the chemicals in our food feed and build our bodies. These recipes will help you build your own healthy body.

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