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Episode 4: Thailand Meets Tres Leches

The Food Flirts want to tackle something new about ice cream, one of their favorite sweets! Producer Bruce treats the ladies with a visit to experience Thai rolled ice cream, and in return, they take him to a tres leches cupcake baking lesson. The Brass Sisters decide to mash things up in their kitchen by creating a tri-flavored ice cream mold and a tres leches cake frosted with Thai ice tea whipped cream!

How To Use An Ice Water Bath To Cool A Hot Custard Ice Cream Base

An ice water bath is used when a hot custard ice cream base needs to be cooled before it is placed in an ice cream maker.

It is easy to make an ice water bath in a home kitchen by using two metal or heatproof bowls, one smaller than the other. The mixture to be cooled should be added to the smaller heatproof bowl, and then the bowl containing the hot mixture should be placed in the larger bowl which has been filled with cold water and ice cubes. The hot mixture should be stirred every five minutes until it is cold. It can then be added to an ice cream maker.

An ice water bath can also be used for cooling hot mixtures before combining them with cooler mixtures. An ice water bath will prevent a hot mixture from “cooking” anything cooler to which it is added.

Ice water baths are particularly helpful when working with recipes containing eggs.

Making Individual Ice Cream Molds

The process of making individual ice cream molds is very similar to that making an Ice Cream Bomb. Although we own several antique ice cream molds, we do not suggest that you use them for making your own ice cream molds. These antique molds are made using pewter which contains lead and are not food-safe. Using unlined copper molds can also result in the formation of a poisonous green substance called “verdigris.” The inside of copper molds should always be professionally coated with a layer of tin. We suggest that you purchase food-safe metal, plastic or silicone molds to use for your molded ice cream.

We used modern individual molds in the shape of flowers, baskets of fruit, and swans on THE FOOD FLIRTS. They were specially manufactured using a food-safe material, and are part of our collection.

When making individual ice cream molds, many of the same steps should be used as for making one larger mold.

• The molds should be chilled in the freezer before filling. • The molds should be coated with vegetable oil spray and turned upside- down on paper towels to remove excess spray. • Using one color and flavor of ice cream usually works best. • Use a color of ice cream that corresponds to the shape of the mold – white or cream for a swan, pink or orange for flowers. • A small scoop or a melon baller can be used to fill the individual small molds. They can be smoothed with a small off-set spatula. • Individual ice cream molds can be stored in the freezer until ready to unmold or they can be unmolded using a similar technique used for unmolding a larger Ice Cream Bomb. • The tip of a butter knife can be used to unmold areas of the molds that don’t unmold easily. • Unmolded individual ice cream molds can be wrapped in plastic wrap in stored in the freezer until ready to use.

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