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Food Forward TV showcases innovators and pioneers – food rebels – transforming the way we grow and eat our food. We meet farmers, chefs, teachers, scientists, fishermen and ranchers in more than 50 cities and towns across the country who are all providing new solutions to help combat America’s growing food challenges. Many of their innovative techniques emulate a return to more traditional—and sustainable—methods of farming, fishing, and ranching.

Will Allen, CEO and Owner, Growing Power

“I’ve traveled the country and have talked to folks from universities to communities, and people WANT to be a part of this. They really believe and they’re passionate about their food, because that’s the one thing that connects all of us. Everybody’s gotta eat food.” More

Sean Barrett, Fisherman, Restaurateur, and CSF Founder, Dock to Dish

“People often ask me, ‘what did you do with that fish?’ And the answer is that’s the way nature created it and we’re just vehicles to provide it.” More

Andrew Cote, Urban Beekeeper

“It’s very hard for me to put into words the feeling I get when I work with bees because it makes me feel a connection to nature, it’s meditative for me to work with them.” More

Matthew Dillon, Director, Seed Matters

“The thing to remember is that it all starts with a seed. Every crop that we grow, all the food that ends up on your plate, started with seed.” More

Shannon Eldredge, Fisherman, Cape Cod Community Supported Fishery

“Fishermen are shifting back in time, but it’s forward thinking.” More

Anya Fernald, CEO and Co Founder, Belcampo Meat Company

“I want to bring an alternative food into the mainstream.” More

Ben Flanner, Head Farmer, Brooklyn Grange

“My vision for the future is for a lot of these rooftops to be growing vegetables, a lot of them should have wind power; a lot of them should have solar panels. There should just be something positive going on.” More

Josh Frye, Poultry Farmer/Biochar Producer, Frye Poultry

“I’m trying to make a better environment for you by converting a waste product into something that can be used in the environment, to make you, and the plants healthier.” More

Paul Greenberg, Author, Four Fish: The Future of the Last Wild Food and American Catch: the Fight for Our Local Seafood

“When you eat fish, you’re doing something incredibly beautiful and ancient at the same time.” More

Will Harris, Rancher, White Oak Pastures

“Quality lies in the palate of the beholder.” More

Justine Hernandez, Librarian, Pima Public Library

“Seeds are absolutely integral to every part of who we are. They’re emblematic of beginnings and growth.” More

Bob Jackson, Bison Rancher, Tall Grass Bison

“It’s impossible not to give a prayer to the family when you kill an animal.” More

Mateo Kehler, Co-Founder, Jasper Hill Farm

“Failure is not a problem if you know that half way through anything, it looks like a failure.” More

Monica Martinez, Artist/Owner, Don Bugito: Prehispanic Snackeria

“Eventually you’re going to see a hot dog made out of insects. Like you see the tofu hot dog.” More

Mark McAfee, CEO and Founder, Organic Pastures Dairy

“Raw milk is the manifestation and reflection of its environment. If we have a good clean green environment with sunshine and grass and people with an ethical attitude and good farm safety programs, you can make raw milk one of the safest foods on earth.” More

John Mooney, Hydroponic Gardener & Chef

“It’s evolutionary. Rooftop gardening, to me is off the hook. It’s revolutionary. This is the way to be. This is the only way; I mean this is the future you’re looking at it.” More

Karl Nish & Steve Mintz, American Tuna

“85% of fish people consume in the United States is imported from a foreign country, and they have very few rules and regulations. They’re pretty much just raping the ocean.” More

Abeni Ramsey, Urban Farmer

“The idea that you have to have these huge farms in order to feed people is crazy because that means there would have been nobody feeding anyone before the 1970s.” More

Robert Reed, Project Manager, Recology

“Someone said long ago, do not call it ‘trash’ and they were right on the money.” More

Travis Roberts, Chicken Farmer

“I really want to teach people about growing their own food. Being able to create their own backyard gardens and being able to support themselves.” More

Caroline Stover and FoodCorps

“People learn how to eat from watching others in their culture, that’s just how they learn. If they watch this successful model of nutritious behavior, they will learn it!” More

Sarah Tanner and Recipe for Success

“You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a kid be really, really shaking in their seat, excited to eat a zucchini. I think the big vision is just for students to realize that healthy food is fun.” More

Vandra Thorburn, Founder & President, Vokashi

“The composting world is all about the sweet young things, they want to do it for love. I say no, we’ve got to make a job out of this we’ve got to make it so people will do it sustainably, so that in 5 years we know that this compost site is still going to be here.” More

Tim Thornhill, Partner/Owner of Parducci Winery, Mendocino Wine Company

“Live your life and build your business in a way that doesn’t impair future generations to do the same.” More

Karen Washington, Urban Farmer

“You know sometimes people think food is a privilege. Food isn’t a privilege, it’s a right. And we want people to exercise that right to fresh, healthy produce in their neighborhood, and that’s what we’re all about.” More

John Wick, Co-owner of the Nicasio Native Grass Ranch and Co-founder of the Marin Carbon Project

“I have this vision now that every single act that every single person does could make this a better place and I actually see a way to make that happen now. And it’s based on agriculture and it’s based on all our food, fuel, fiber, and flora through carbon.” More

Betti Wiggins, Executive Director, Child Nutrition Program at Detroit Public Schools

“The USDA gives me a set of rules, but they don’t necessarily tell me how to play the game.” More

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