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Food Forward: Go Fish!


By mid­century, 90 percent of the world’s commercial fish may be tapped out. But we’re not sunk yet. Food Forward TV sets sail with a different breed of fishermen who make their living on the water while also treading lightly upon it. Meet old school fishermen in the Pacific Northwest reviving the tuna industry, young fishermen (and women) creating Community Supported Fisheries along the Eastern seaboard and the next generation of fish farmers in Western Massachusetts.

Featured Food Rebels

Paul Greenberg, Author, Four Fish: The Future of the Last Wild Food and American Catch: the Fight for Our Local Seafood

“When you eat fish, you’re doing something incredibly beautiful and ancient at the same time.” More

Sean Barrett, Fisherman, Restaurateur, and CSF Founder, Dock to Dish

“People often ask me, ‘what did you do with that fish?’ And the answer is that’s the way nature created it and we’re just vehicles to provide it.” More

Shannon Eldredge, Fisherman, Cape Cod Community Supported Fishery

“Fishermen are shifting back in time, but it’s forward thinking.” More

Karl Nish & Steve Mintz, American Tuna

“85% of fish people consume in the United States is imported from a foreign country, and they have very few rules and regulations. They’re pretty much just raping the ocean.” More


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