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Food Forward: Make Food, Not Waste



Americans throw away 34 million tons of food each year. That’s like tossing a quarter of the groceries we buy directly into the trash. But where some see garbage, others find green gold. In this episode, Food Forward TV explores the secret life of food scraps, landfills and the people who love them. San Francisco is leading the charge in composting municipal food waste, a food bank is rescuing confiscated food from the Arizona­Mexico border patrol and a Brooklyn bucket lady collects food scraps kitchen by kitchen.

Featured Food Rebels

Robert Reed, Project Manager, Recology

“Someone said long ago, do not call it ‘trash’ and they were right on the money.” More

Vandra Thorburn, Founder & President, Vokashi

“The composting world is all about the sweet young things, they want to do it for love. I say no, we’ve got to make a job out of this we’ve got to make it so people will do it sustainably, so that in 5 years we know that this compost site is still going to be here.” More

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