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Food Forward: Modern Milk


American dairy is undergoing a renaissance. A cottage industry of dairy farmers, cheesemakers and creameries are creating delicious alternatives to industrial milk. In this episode of Food Forward TV, we meet west­coast raw milk revolutionaries, Vermont cheese entrepreneurs making serious cheddar, and ice cream innovators in San Francisco and New York City.

Featured Food Rebels

Mark McAfee, CEO and Founder, Organic Pastures Dairy

“Raw milk is the manifestation and reflection of its environment. If we have a good clean green environment with sunshine and grass and people with an ethical attitude and good farm safety programs, you can make raw milk one of the safest foods on earth.” More

Mateo Kehler, Co-Founder, Jasper Hill Farm

“Failure is not a problem if you know that half way through anything, it looks like a failure.” More

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