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Food Forward: School Lunch Revival


All public school kids have access to free or reduced­price lunch. But affordability doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good for them. In this episode of Food Forward TV, Detroit’s renegade lunch lady is not only serving kids healthy food, she’s got them growing it, too. Houston schools are joining a national movement with “seed to plate” classroom cooking and in North Carolina a new generation of service members is connecting farmers and schools.

Featured Food Rebels

Betti Wiggins, Executive Director, Child Nutrition Program at Detroit Public Schools

“The USDA gives me a set of rules, but they don’t necessarily tell me how to play the game.” More

Caroline Stover and FoodCorps

“People learn how to eat from watching others in their culture, that’s just how they learn. If they watch this successful model of nutritious behavior, they will learn it!” More

Sarah Tanner and Recipe for Success

“You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a kid be really, really shaking in their seat, excited to eat a zucchini. I think the big vision is just for students to realize that healthy food is fun.” More

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