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Food Forward: SOS: Save our Soil


The top six inches of soil are the most precious, yet least understood ecosystem on earth—yet we continue to treat soil like dirt. Food Forward TV gets down and dirty with large­scale Midwestern composters, California carbon farmers reversing climate change and a West Virginia poultry farmer creating ‘biochar’ from chicken poop. Explore new frontiers beneath our feet that just might save our soil.

Featured Food Rebels

John Wick, Co-owner of the Nicasio Native Grass Ranch and Co-founder of the Marin Carbon Project

“I have this vision now that every single act that every single person does could make this a better place and I actually see a way to make that happen now. And it’s based on agriculture and it’s based on all our food, fuel, fiber, and flora through carbon.” More

Josh Frye, Poultry Farmer/Biochar Producer, Frye Poultry

“I’m trying to make a better environment for you by converting a waste product into something that can be used in the environment, to make you, and the plants healthier.” More


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