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Food Rebel: Robert Reed


Occupation Project Manager at Recology Location San Francisco, California Favorite Food Vegetables grown in compost


What does Recology do? In America, restaurants put too much food on the plates, and Americans don’t eat it all. They leave some broccoli, they leave some french fries, so that comes back in the kitchen, it goes into a compost bin, we pick it up, we bring it to Jepson Prairie Organics (the most modern composting facility in America), and we turn it into this beautiful nutrient-rich compost. Why is composting important? This is a resource. These are nutrients. This is where the nutrients are, this is where the carbon is. We wanna capture all this stuff and wanna get it back into the soil. We wanna use it to protect topsoil, we want to use it to grow healthy food, to support your good health.

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