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Food Trends 2012: The Culinary World’s Latest Crazes

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By Alex Fishler

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The world of food is always changing. Just as in fashion, there are different trends that are at the forefront of the industry at any given moment. PBS takes a look at emerging food trends in 2012 to see what new ideas or comeback concepts are taking the culinary world by storm. We scoured the nation for respected chefs who helped us determine which trends to include in our list of dishes, ethnic cuisines, culinary styles, and practices that are attracting the attention of diners this year.

Check Out Some of 2012’s Food Trends

Peruvian Cuisine

Peruvian Cuisine: The Food to Watch in 2012

Gluten-Free Options

Are Restaurants More Gluten-Free Friendly?


Bitters – Not Just In An Old-Fashioned Anymore

Local Farming

Is Local Farming Still Popular in 2012? More Than Ever.

Gourmet Tacos

Is the Gourmet Taco the Next Gourmet Burger?

Simpler Techniques

Are Chefs Favoring Simpler Techniques Over Molecular Gastronomy?

What do you think are some of the other emerging food trends in 2012?

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