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Meet the Bakers: Dorret

Dorret’s family are from the West Indies but Dorret grew up in Preston with her four brothers and two sisters. She’s been married for 15 years and has a 21 year old daughter. When not baking, she enjoys tap dancing, ballet and salsa to counteract the calories she consumes. Dorret and her husband regularly visit Michelin star restaurants for inspiration and ideas for their next culinary experiment and regularly host dinner parties to impress their friends with their skills. Mentored by her food teacher, Dorret tackled challenging bakes from the early age of eleven, perfecting cakes, pastry, and hand raised pies before she left school. Refusing to be phased by technicality, she handmade the perfect filo pastry at sixteen. While she thinks she can excel at the technical side of baking, she believes her decoration is her weakness area and strives for all her baking to have a professional finish.


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