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Meet the Bakers: Marie

Marie and her husband Colin can finally live the good life after retiring 6 years ago from working for the ministry of defence, living round the world and running BnBs. Today Marie spends her days playing golf, attending Zumba classes, helping at local charity fundraisers and baking. Her children and grandchildren now live in England, but she regularly visits and the first thing she does is get the eggs and flour out and make the kids “proper” packed lunches. Before moving to Paris, Marie couldn’t even boil an egg, her children claim they grew up on fish fingers. But once in Paris, she was asked to be a guinea pig for The Ritz Hotel cookery school and her life changed. With Parisian patisseries as inspiration she fell in love with baking, specializing in elaborate baking with show stopping decorations. Marie bakes bread weekly, but sticks to her favorite loaf, so might struggle with new and innovate bread ideas.


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