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Meet the Bakers: Nadiya

Nadiya grew up in Luton but moved to Leeds when she got married. After putting her own career on the backburner to devote her life to the care of her three children and extended family, Nadiya feels it’s time to have her own adventure.

Nadiya has been baking for 16 years after becoming curious as to why her father only served ice cream for dessert at his restaurant. The love affair with baking began after being encouraged by her home economics teacher at school; she embarked on trying to conquer as many different genres in baking as possible.

With her family at the centre, Nadiya’s baking strengths lie with what they like and she finds herself catering daily to their sweet teeth, making cakes and pastries often. Traditional bread loaves tend to be her weakness simply because her family don’t eat them often. While being more than competent at English baking she often combines them with ingredients from her culture, for example at her audition she brought halwa breakfast croissants (carrot, chick pea, almond and papaya.)


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