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Meet the Bakers: Tamal

Tamal grew up wanting to be a vet but as he got to age 16, realized he was scared of animals and decided to become a doctor as human’s are less likely to bite him. He qualified as a doctor five years ago and after working at a hospital in Brighton, made the move to Manchester to work in anesthetics.

Tamal is very close to his older sister and as she is 12 years older, she played a big part in bringing him up. She taught him to bake and when she decided to get married, gave him the ultimate compliment and asked him to bake her wedding cake. Ever since, he is regularly asked to bake family and friend’s wedding cakes. His baking doesn’t just cover cakes, he believes he has covered most aspects of baking and hasn’t bought a loaf of bread for three years. Tamal is frustrated that he struggles with pastries; he’s practiced croissants over ten times and he still believes they aren’t perfect.


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