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Meet the Bakers: Ugne

After graduating from university, Ugne decided to move to the UK after her father died to earn better money and improve her English. She worked as an au pair for two years before moving to the beauty department in Harrods. While baking is her main hobby, Ugne is a powerlifter. She started as a teenager in Lithuania, but gave it up when her muscles became too big. After her partner George started training and became an English champion, she started again and plans to start competing later this year and dreams of being a British finalist.

Ugne learnt to bake from her mother and grandmother who used Eastern European baking methods and utensils. She grew up baking with them and today passes her knowledge onto her own children. She loves English baking, daily making her family bread, pies and pastries but also likes to incorporate the traditional Lithuanian flavours into her bakes to remind her of home. Deserts are her weakness; she struggles with the detail and patience required.


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