Season 3, Episode 9: Chocolate | The Great British Baking Show | PBS

Season 3, Episode 9: Chocolate

Premiered August 5, 2016 on PBS [check local listings]

The semifinalists face the pressure of one of the most difficult ingredients: chocolate. For the first challenge, the bakers have three hours to make a chocolate tart. The tart must be ornate, intricate, and full on flavor. For the technical challenge, the bakers face a staggered start, and each are given one hour and fifteen minutes to make a chocolate soufflé. A chocolate centerpiece is set as the showstopper. In four hours, the bakers must create an ornate centerpiece using white chocolate in some form – the centerpiece having to be free-standing and attractive.


Technical Challenge Recipe


Mary's Chocolate Soufflé Recipe

Mary’s Chocolate Soufflé

Recipe available on the BBC Food site


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