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Season Three Episodes

This Summer follow the trials and tribulations of passionate amateur bakers whose goal is to be named the U.K.’s best. Each week, the bakers tackle a different skill, the difficulty of which increases as the competition unfolds. Season 3 is available only on PBS.


Season Three Episodes

  • Episode 1: Cakes Episode 1: Cake In Season 3, the tent welcomes a baker’s dozen to do baking battle. Premiered on July 1. Continue
  • Episode 2: Biscuits Episode 2: Biscuits With cake week done, the remaining bakers must now prove themselves with biscuits. Premiered on July 8. Continue
  • Episode 3: Bread Episode 3: Bread The ten remaining bakers face the challenge of bread week. Premiered on July 15. Continue
  • Episode 4: Desserts Episode 4: Desserts For the nine bakers left, it’s time to tackle the sweet ending to every meal – desserts. Premiered on July 15. Continue
  • Episode 5: Alternative Ingredients Episode 5: Alternative Ingredients The remaining bakers face baking challenges without sugar, gluten or dairy. Premiered on July 22. Continue
  • Episode 6: Pastry Episode 6: Pastry With bread, biscuits and cakes complete, the bakers must now prove their pastry skills. Premiered on July 22. Continue
  • Episode 7: Victorian Episode 7: Victorian In a Baking Show first, the entire episode is devoted to the period of history that gave birth to modern baking, the Victorian era. Premiered on July 29. Continue
  • Episode 8: Pâtisserie Episode 8: Pâtisserie The remaining bakers must work their way through delicate french fancies. Premiered on July 29. Continue
  • Episode 9: Chocolate Episode 9: Chocolate The semifinalists face the pressure of one of the most difficult ingredients: chocolate. Premieres on August 5. Continue
  • Episode 10: The Final Episode 10: The Final Only three of the original twelve bakers remain. They face off in the final challenges. Premieres on August 12. Continue
  • Masterclass: Part 1 Masterclass: Part 1 Judge Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry from The Great British Baking Show demonstrate the signature and technical challenges from the first weeks of Season 3. Continue
  • Masterclass: Part 2 Masterclass: Part 2 Back in the Baking Show tent, Mary and Paul roll up their sleeves, baking the challenges that they set for the bakers in Bread and Desserts weeks of Season 3. Continue
  • Masterclass: Part 3 Masterclass: Part 3 Mary and Paul recreate the bakes from the second half of Season 3 and show us the skills, secrets and tips to ensure perfect results every time. Continue
  • Masterclass: Part 4 Masterclass: Part 4 Mary and Paul heat up the ovens and get out the mixing bowls one last time to create the signature, technical and showstopper challenges from the last part of Season 3. Continue
  • Masterclass: Christmas Masterclass: Christmas After the drama and deliciousness of Baking Show, Mary and Paul are back to bring a generous dollop of baking cheer to Christmas this year. Step by step they take us through stunning recipes that all the family can make during the festive season. Continue


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