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Season 3 Masterclass: Part 1

After ten weeks of baking highs and lows, calm descends on the Baking Show tent as Mary and Paul take up the reins to make the signature, technical and showstopper challenges that they set the bakers in the first couple of weeks of the series. Step by step they take us through the recipes, methods tricks and tips to ensure that even the most amateur bakers can get it right at home, every time.

Mary kicks off with a classic Madeira cake followed by her Frosted Walnut Cake. Paul makes Hazelnut & Orange Biscotti and shows us the right way to make the technically tricky Arlettes. He then demonstrates how to make a foolproof Plait. Mary provides a handy tip on how to stop ramekins from slipping in a Bain Marie and closes the show with her take on the retro classic – Black Forest Gateau.


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