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Meet the Bakers: Selasi

Originally from Ghana, Selasi moved to the UK with his family 15 years ago and now lives with his girlfriend in London where he works as a client service associate in a financial institution. Selasi has come a long way from baking fairy cakes back at university where he studied economics and finance. He works long hours, but always finds time to bake and colleagues are often shocked by the delicate cupcakes he makes for their charity bake sales.

Outside of baking, Selasi enjoys playing basketball, traveling and motorbikes, taking to the open road with his mates in his own “Sunday Motorbike Club.” Besides his obvious passion for baking, Selasi enjoys fundraising for several charities. He has recently raised money by running a 10k, half marathon and trekking through Malawi and continues to support two new charities each year through various activities and challenges.


Selasi’s Recipes

Love Selasi’s creations? Try baking one of his recipes at home and see how well you can do. Don’t forget to share pictures on Twitter and Instagram using #PBSBakingShow.


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