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Season 4, Episode 3: Bread



Premiered June 23, 2017 on PBS | check local listings

It’s bread week, and Paul Hollywood has put together three of the toughest challenges ever. There’s the signature challenge – a sweet dough with a twist. And with Paul’s digits primed for prodding, no dough is safe from the scrutiny. The bakers face a steamy technical challenge without an oven, as Paul and Mary step out of the tent to leave the bakers with only a basic set of instructions and ingredients to test their baking instincts. For the perfect bake, they have to avoid a burnt bottom and a soggy top. And there’s a mighty final challenge, using three different flours to create a huge showstopper centerpiece. Three challenges, three chances to win star baker, three chances to avoid leaving the tent.


Technical Challenge Recipe



Contestant Challenge Recipe

For each episode, some of the contestants have made their personal recipes available online. Unfortunately, not all recipes are available.


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