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Season 4, Episode 4: Batter


Premiered June 30, 2017 on PBS | check local listings

It’s week four of The Great British Baking Show, and just nine bakers remain. And, for the very first time, it’s Batter week! Mary and Paul have set three challenges to test the bakers on some store cupboard classics. To start things off, there is a British favorite. It may sound simple, but the judges are looking for perfection: a uniform bake across the batch, and topped with a tasty savory filling. The bakers really have to rise to the occasion in this signature challenge. Paul sets the stage for the technical challenge all you need is a squeeze bottle and a steady hand. And finally a showstopper, where the ovens are off and the fryers are out, as the bakers are challenged to do their version of a Spanish classic. Three challenges, three chances to win star baker, three chances to avoid leaving the tent.


Technical Challenge Recipe


Think you can hang with the contestants on the show? Try the technical challenge recipe from the judges at home and see how well you can do. Don’t forget to share pictures on Twitter and Instagram using #PBSBakingShow.




Contestant Challenge Recipes

For each episode, some of the contestants have made their personal recipes available online. Unfortunately, not all recipes are available.


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