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Season 4, Episode 8: Tudor Week


Premiered July 28, 2017 on PBS | check local listings

It’s the quarter-final of The Great British Baking Show, and just five bakers remain. This week, we are stepping back in history for a Baking Show first – Tudor Week. Mary and Paul have set three new challenges that embrace a time when Henry VIII reigned, with flamboyant banquets and impressive centerpieces that were Tudor showstoppers. The signature is a Tudor classic: pies. Although a few hundred years ago their pies would have been filled with feathered birds, our bakers will attempt to make a rather more edible version for modern taste of a savory stuffed pie. In the technical challenge, hidden under the “ye olde gingham cloth,” are the ingredients for a rather unusual Tudor biscuit that has the bakers all tied up in knots. And the final challenge is to construct a showstopper that is a spectacle of marzipan, fit to grace the tables of a wealthy Tudor banquet. But which of the five bakers will make it into the semi-final, and who will be sadly leaving the tent?


Technical Challenge Recipe


Think you can hang with the contestants on the show? Try the technical challenge recipe from the judges at home and see how well you can do. Don’t forget to share pictures on Twitter and Instagram using #PBSBakingShow.



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For each episode, some of the contenstants have made their personal recipes available online. Unfortunately, not all recipes are available.


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