Season 5, Episode 5: Pies - PBS Food

Season 5, Episode 5: Pies

Premiered July 13, 2018 on PBS | check local listings

This week, the bakers turn their attention to pies.

For their first task, they must master a perfect Wellington. After they’ve recovered, it’s then straight into a fiendishly difficult Technical Challenge: hand raised pies. And as none of the bakers have used a pastry dolly before, it proves the downfall of many…

With several bakers in the danger zone, everything rests on the Showstopper Challenge: American Pies. But who will be this week’s star spangled baker and who will be leaving the Baking Show?


Technical Challenge Recipe


Think you can hang with the contestants on the show? Try the technical challenge recipe from the judges at home and see how well you can do. Don’t forget to share pictures on Twitter and Instagram using #PBSBakingShow.


Contestant Challenge Recipes

For each episode, some of the contestants have made their personal recipes available online. Unfortunately, not all recipes are available.


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