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Violet Hour
Photo Credit: Cheryl Charming

The Violet Hour

Contributing Blogger: Cheryl Charming of the “Charming Cocktails” blog

“The Violet Hour refers to the hour of midnight at the New Year. With the re-introduction of créme de violette (krem da VIO-let) into America, I found that the delicate perfumed liqueur pairs very well with the pear taste profile.”

The Violet Hour Cocktail

This delicate cocktail refers to the hour of midnight at the New Year. Discover what rare liqueur plays a key role in this this New Year's Eve drink and what curious ingredient it's made of. Discover other holiday cocktails in our collection of original recipes from the top bartenders across the nation.



  • 1 ounce créme de violette
  • 1 ounce pear puree
  • 4 ounce brut champagne
  • Edible flower garnish


  1. Chill a 7-8 ounce coupe (depicted in image) champagne glass and pour in the first two ingredients then top with brut champagne.
  2. Add edible non-toxic flower garnish. (Flower shown is a culinary orchid.)


Créme de Violette (liqueur made from French violets) was unavailable in America for about 85 years until recently.

You can make your own pear puree or purchase from your local grocer.

To balance the sweetness of the liqueur and puree a dry/brut Champagne is recommended.


Meet the Blogger

Cheryl Charming

Cheryl Charming aka Miss Charming is one of America’s top mixologists, cocktail celebrities, and rockstar bartenders. Her current claim to fame is having the most published bar and cocktail related books. She gained the bulk of her experience on a Caribbean cruise ship and at the wonderful world of Walt Disney.


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