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Holiday Traditions: Jacques Pepin

Jacques Pepin
Photo Credit: Cristiana Ceppas

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World renowned chef Jacques Pepin shares his joy in cooking family recipes with his daughter Claudine and granddaughter Shorey.

Jacques Pepin with his daughter Claudine (left) and granddaughter Shorey (center). Photo Credit: Wendy Goodfriend, KQED

I always enjoy the Christmas holidays.

When Claudine was little we would make chocolate truffles and little Chocolate Rochers with Hazelnuts and Cornflakes together. Now it’s wonderful to be making the same recipes with my granddaughter Shorey, who loves chocolate. Shorey helped me with the Chocolate and Nut Pies on my new series, Essential Pepin… she loves to taste the mixture, especially when it has her favorite ingredient… and she is just as messy as her Mom!

Chocolate Nut Pie
Jacques Pepin's Chocolate Nut Pie Photo Credit: Wendy Goodfriend, KQED

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Jacques Pepin is a legendary chef who has hosted numerous cooking shows on PBS and CreateTV. His most recent series, Essential Pepin, exhibits over 125 recipes hand-picked by Jacques from his extraordinary career. You can buy Jacques latest cookbook, also entitled Essential Pepin, that accompanies the program as well as a DVD of the series from ShopPBS.

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