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What are the Best Ice Cream Shops in America?


Are you hot as we are? This week has proven to be quite the scorcher. Whether scooped into a cone or topped with hot fudge and whipped cream, few foods alleviate Summer heat as well as smooth, decadent ice cream. In lieu of the heat wave, we found some friends in the PBS office to share some of our most favorite Summertime ice cream spots.

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Uncle Eddy’s

46860 NC Highway 12 Buxton, NC 27920

It takes a hearty soul to make the trek all the way down Highway 12 through North Carolina’s Outer Banks to Hatteras Island. But it is a trip well-worth it — not just for the beautiful beaches, peaceful atmosphere and bountiful fishing, but also for a taste of Uncle Eddy’s. Located near the famous Hatteras Lighthouse in Buxton, NC, Uncle Eddy’s Frozen Custard and Mini-Golf has the best frozen treats in the Outer Banks. A trip for ice cream (okay maybe two or three trips) is now a family vacation tradition — my wife and I discovered the place the weekend we were engaged and now we take our two children each year.–Matt Schoch, Senior Editor, PBS Food




The Daily Scoop

230 County Rd. Barrington, RI 02806

When I go home to visit my family during the warmer months, The Daily Scoop is on my must-do list. They make all the premium ice cream in-house, and the delicious aroma just hits you when you walk into the shop. I have many fond memories of being there with my family, and it was one of the first places in my hometown where I took my boyfriend when we started dating. The Daily Scoop is a staple in my small, New England town, and I remember thinking when I was little that it was really Springtime once the ice cream shop opened for the season.–Ashley Carufel, Web Producer, PBS Food




The Parlour

1401 Daniel Rd. Jackson, MI 49202

As kids, when my mom took my brother and me to this iconic, diner-like ice cream place in Jackson, Michigan, we knew we were in for an overloaded treat. It’s been open since the 1940’s and has always featured homemade ice cream in old fashioned sundaes, parfaits, shakes, and of course banana splits. For the adventurous, there is a 21 scoop ice cream sundae called the “Dare to be Great.” If you finish it, it’s free and you get your name on a wall. Good luck with that–many have tried, few have succeeded!–Lauren Jones, PBS Food Intern, PBS Digital



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St. Clair Annex

141 Bay Street. Westerly, RI 02891

Located next to the oldest flying wooden horse carousel in America, I spent most Summer nights as a kid riding the carousel and then running for ice cream afterwards. St. Clair’s is now run by the 4th and 5th generations of the Nicholas family and they make their creamy ice cream on site. There are lines for ice cream inside and outside, but the trick is that the inside line is usually shorter.–Wesley Royce, Social Media Intern, PBS Digital



Photo courtesy of Yelp.
Photo courtesy of Yelp.

Plum Street Snoball

1300 Burdette St. New Orleans, LA 70118

I had my first snow-ball — a beefed-up version of the wimpy shaved ice “snow-cones” I was accustomed to in Connecticut — at Plum Street Snoball in New Orleans last July. In the blistering heat of a Louisiana Summer with humidity so thick that a quick walk to the convenience store was more like a light swim, icy foods were worth their weight in gold (luckily, Plum Street only charges a dollar or two). New Orleans is teeming with snow-ball stands, but Plum Street Snoball puts a quirky twist on the NOLA tradition. Established in 1945 and housed in a tiny room, staff worked with precision to assemble my custom order in an unexpected container: peach-flavored ice topped with condensed milk, all served in a Chinese food takeout box.–Chris Bakes, Business Intern, PBS Digital



United Dairy Farmers Store #1
United Dairy Farmers Store #1 by elycefeliz, on Flickr.

United Dairy Farmers

11620 Springfield Pike Cincinnati, OH 45246

To some people United Dairy Farmers is just a gas station and to others it is a place to pick up odds and ends. The ice cream shop up the street from my parents in Springdale, Ohio holds my childhood in each individual scoop of mint chocolate chip. It is there that I learned that there is absolutely nothing in the world hot fudge can’t fix!

Taryn Stewart, Homepage and Newsletter Editor, PBS Digital



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Clark’s Ice Cream and Yogurt

3312 12 Mile Road Berkley, MI 48072

If your stomach is smaller than your eyes, you’ll be fine with child size. They fit so much ice cream into the cup, there’s no need to order another size up. With a “ye olde ice cream shoppe” and “family-friendly” vibe, it’s no wonder that Clark’s is still very much alive. A community gathering with outdoor seating, it’s a welcome break from the Summer’s intense heating.–Danielle Steinberg, PBS Digital Studios

Now, its your turn! What are your favorite ice cream shops? Tell us in the comments below!


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