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In Defense of Food: Defend Food



If you’ve been inspired or intrigued by the film, you can join the producers to take a pledge to defend food in your homes and your communities. And doing that is really very simple.

  • Defend food at home by making changes to what you eat. As much as you can, replace “edible food-like substances” in your diet with real food.

  • Defend food in your community by organizing public screenings of the film, or holding house parties to view and discuss it.

  • To help get kids to defend food, use a series of 10 lesson plans inspired by the film that feature fun activities designed for middle school students in after-school programs.

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Take the pledge to defend food and get all the resources you will need: toolkits and discussion guides for community screenings and house parties, a condensed 78-minute version of the film, and information about the lesson plans for students.




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Stories from the Front Lines

Are you defending food at home or in your communities? We want to hear your stories. Tell us what you are doing in the comments below.


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