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In Defense of Food: Resources


You can help promote healthier eating in your community by screening In Defense of Food in your home or for a community group. You can choose between showing the full two-hour version of the film that aired on PBS or a condensed 78-minute version. Or if you’d prefer a shorter event, you can show a selection from our library of short clips from the film that run from 3 to 6 minutes each and cover specific topics.

House Parties

If you’re inspired to share these rules, or discuss food and health with your friends, neighbors or colleagues, host a house party featuring some of Michael Pollan’s favorite recipes. Sign up here to get a free house party toolkit and discussion guide. They’ll tell you everything you need to know to host a successful screening.


Community Screenings

Start by downloading the producers’ free community screening toolkit and discussion guide. The toolkit provides step-by-step instructions for planning an event. The questions in the guide cover both the 78-minute and two-hour versions of the film. If you’re showing clips and not the whole film, you’ll see that the guide contains keys, such as (GR) or (ST)–see below–that tell you which questions are best-suited for use with particular clips.

For exploring how food affects health you can screen:

For policy discussions, check out:

For youth engagement, watch:

For food marketing literacy efforts, consider:


For Educators

You can use the middle school curriculum from Teachers College, Columbia University to teach young people how they can defend food.


Additional Web Resources

There are many useful web sites where you can get information about the relationship of food and health. Below are some of the most useful.



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