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Kitchen Careers: Katie Goodman, Food Blogger

Kitchen Careers is a regular feature that goes behind-the-scenes with chefs, bloggers, critics and others in the food industry to get the inside scoop on what its like to cook, or eat, for a living. In this edition, PBS talks with Katie Goodman, a food blogger who created goodLife{eats}.com, and has been freelancing for Craftzine since 2009. Katie’s blog started out from a desire to organize her recipes, and it has become a place that many people visit for simple, but delicious food ideas. Katie is a mother of two who understands the difference between cooking with your family and cooking for your family.
Katie Goodman
Katie Goodman and her daughter Madeline
Why do you love to cook? Mostly because I love to eat. At least it started out that way. But I love that I’ve found a creative outlet. I’m not artistic by any means when it comes to drawing or painting, but I’ve found that food and recipes can be artistic too. Now that I’m a mom, I love to share the kitchen with my kids. From simple things like baking cookies together to seeing their tastes change over time and seeing them pick up skills that they’ve learned from watching me. Who is your culinary icon? I’ve honestly never thought about having an icon. I am inspired by so many people. Food professionals, TV personalities, and food bloggers. There’s no one person that does it all for me. What is the best part about being a food blogger? Inspiring other moms to put down the take out and turn on the stove. I have received countless emails from readers telling me that I’ve inspired them to start cooking for their families again because I’ve show that it doesn’t have to be a complicated recipe to taste good. I am also incredibly grateful for some of the relationships that I’ve built through the blogging community. It is amazing to have friends all over the country that are doing the same work I’m doing. What is your favorite food city? Right now I’d have to say Athens. My husband and I just got back a couple months ago from 8 days in Greece. We really loved the grilled Halloumi. There was so much variety. The food was just as incredible as the sites! Poppy Seed Buttermilk Scone RecipeWho would you want to battle on Iron Chef? I think I’d be too terrified to battle anyone. My competitor would most likely win by default, because I’d be frozen in disbelief at what was happening. What was your first published recipe? I am an avid Costco shopper, so when I noticed in a Costco Connection issue last year that they were accepting reader submissions, I sent in my recipe for Quinoa Taco Salad, which appeared in a 2010 issue of Costco Connection Magazine. I shared a page with Mario Batalli, who has no idea who I am.

What meal/snack is your guilty pleasure?

Right now it would have to be Oreos. I especially love the double stuffed variety. I have a huge sweet tooth, so I have a soft spot for candy as well. What is your favorite under appreciated kitchen tool? Gosh, I don’t know. I think I appreciate all my kitchen tools. My favorites are whisks, Microplane zester, cookie scoops (I use them for other things too), and sharp knives. I like things that have multiple uses. I am not a uni-tasker gadget kind of girl. Martha Speaks

What three PBS personalities would you invite to dinner?

Martha from Martha Speaks, because Madeline loves dogs and I think she’s rather entertaining. Julia Child because I think we both share a passion for eating just as much as cooking. And Arthur because that was one of Logan’s earliest favorite PBS Kids shows. In one tweet (140 characters or less)- what is your culinary style? My culinary style is about having a passion for tasty food with simple, whole ingredients & sharing them with the people that I love. When outside the kitchen, how do you spend your time? I am a bit of a book worm and go to the library a few times a month. I love to read in my spare time, usually after the kids are in bed. I have a stack of 5 novels on my bedside table right now. I love spending fun, everyday time with my family too. Our most recent favorite activity is playing Wii Fit together. I currently hold the Hula Hoop record, something silly but I’m proud of it. What is your advice for amateur cooks? No one was born knowing how to cook; we all had to learn at one point. Start with the basics. There are some really delicious, yet incredibly simple recipes. Also, don’t be afraid to experiment. Will you have failures? Of course! But you’ll have great successes too.

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