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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)


What if you could buy fresh fruit and vegetables each week, grown by a local farmer? Anne Cure of Cure Organic Farm in Boulder, Colorado explains how CSAs, which stands for Community Supported Agriculture, allow consumers to purchase subscriptions from local farmers, and in return, receive weekly boxes of fresh produce while getting to know the people who grow their food.

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Community supported agriculture (CSA)
At the start of each growing season, members purchase a subscription. Each week they get a box of fresh produce containing whatever happens to be growing on the farm. That influx of cash at the start of the season allows the grower to purchase seed and farming implements, even hire workers. Essentially, a CSA subscription is a contract between a consumer and a farmer.
– Douglas Gayeton, LOCAL: The New Face of Food and Farming in America

Eating in season
Eating food that is harvested during a particular time of the year that is best suited to the individual crop or animal due to it’s cyclical relationship with weather.

Food shed
A geographic area that supplies a community with all of the people’s food needs.

Food that was produced and distributed in one’s community.

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Anne P. Cure
Cure Organic Farm
Boulder, Colorado
Co-owner of Cure Organic Farm, Anne and her husband Paul, live and work on their farm. Anne believes that community involvement is crucial in the revival of small family farms and is dedicated to using sustainable methods that help to maintain a healthy farm ecosystem.


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