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Lidia Celebrates America: Life’s Milestones

Life’s Milestones Preview

“I have been welcomed by all of these communities, which take great pride in their cultures. This is where the joy truly is, and that is America to me,” says Lidia. “America is a big, fat, dinner table of a land where everyone is allowed to bring his or her own special dish and then partakes with grace and interest, and even love, the plates of the others—which is what this special series hopes to convey.”
— Lidia Bastianich

Renowned chef and culinary author Lidia Bastianich continues her engaging cross-country journey of the United States to experience the exuberance of American culture through food in a new episode of her primetime PBS series – this time sharing with four families special rites of passage marking some of the most meaningful moments in life’s journey, including a French-Cajun sweet-sixteen birthday party and country music debut in Nashville, a Greek Orthodox baptism for triplets, a Brazilian-American culinary student’s college graduation, and a Navajo house blessing ceremony.

Lidia Celebrates America: Life’s Milestones, premiered on Thursday, December 26, 2013 on PBS

In Life’s Milestones Lidia shares four meaningful rites of passage:

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